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St. Francis Music Publications is dedicated to enhancing the repertoire for double bass, cello, harp, string instruments, etc. Since its inception in 2001 more than one hundred works have been published for double bass and piano (harp), unaccompanied bass, and string ensembles.

Works for harp including music from the Library of Edward Vito are edited by Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup, Editor of Harp Publications (Click here for bio).

Janet Clippard serves as Associate Editor of Double Bass Publications (Click here for bio).

Study of original and transcribed compositions is necessary for the complete education of the double bassist and harpists. Original solos and etudes are the foundations of our literature; however, transcribed works of the masters  offer students as well as professionals a glimpse into each composer's world. Our insight into the orchestral repertoire is also enhanced. We have the potential to be better musicians for having studied transcriptions, whether or not we ever perform them in public.

Three Double Bass Sampler CDs, primarily designed for students and teachers, are also available.

Bass music of other publishers is also listed: Ludwig Masters, Kalmus, University of Miami Music Publications, Warner/Alfred, Carl Fischer, G. Schirmer, Schott, Maecenas, Kjos.

Lucas Drew


(Click here for bio)

Music for Double Bass, Cello, String Instruments, etc., Composed, Edited or Recorded by

Lucas Drew

Music for Harp, String Instruments, etc., Composed, Edited or Recorded by

Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup

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